Even easier to lay with “Decor Foam”

Thanks to the new foam DECOR FOAM, specific for bonding in exterior and interior of New Decoration rebuilt stone panels, the laying of the items can be completed in a very short time getting a work that would normally require the use of workers and decidedly longer time.   READ MORE


New Joint System

In order to facilitate the laying of “new decoration” panels, it has been realized, on the wall Taormina, a new interlocking system.  The new joint system allows an overlap of the stones at the joint on the adjacent panel, therefore, the grouting will be limited only in the joint 


The italian rebuilt stone panels

Years of research and experimentations of laboratory, joined to the use of the more innovative technologies: this is  Decor, company leader in the production of prefabricated manufactures realized with materials of natural origin, born in order to recreate surroundings evoking the stone in all its suggestions. After millenniums of cut, sculpt and smoothing, with “Decor” the stone finds a new working technique: the reassembling. Powder of marbles, siliceous sands, granulates of granite are agglomerated and, recomposed with handicraft cure by means of technical sages, are transformed in decorative panels, cornices, capitals, bas-reliefs.


Our products, panels and single stones, (new Decoration and Lithos collections) are made of a mixture with natural stone powder without added dyes. This gives to the products an extremely high realism, as well as various characteristics such as frost resistance and resistance to UV rays. Average thickness of panels is approximately 10 mm. To provide the product with solidity and long life, a fiberglass mesh armor has been inserted. The characteristics of materials used guarantee the use both inside and outside.

The 3d panels of the Natural Design Collection line of Decor Srl are produced with two different types of material: Manocer and Gerice.  The Manocer is a fiber-reinforced dough-based noble mortar ceramized, the result of twenty years of research experience of DECOR, composed mainly by the more natural material that is: the stone and other ingredients of natural origin skilfully mixed, eco-compatible and fully recyclable. The products made with Manocer are suitable to be installed inside and outside, facades, walls, shops, private homes etc. apply to the wall by appropriate adhesive cement-based high performance with no vertical slip (C2TE Class). After drying, it continues with the grouting, using the appropriate grout provided by Decor. Following sanding and painting with any type of paint, previously treating them with specific fixative.

In the “Gerice” composition, panels are made by innovative composite material specifically designed by the company, based on ceramic fiber-reinforced gypsum of high technical characteristics and eco-compatible. The Gerice products can be laid inside, clubs, shops, private homes etc. The 3D GERICE panels are glued to the wall by the special COLLSTUK, manufactured by Decor and grouting with the same collstuk (having the double valence of adhesive and finishing). Subsequently, the laid panels can be painted with any water-based paint, previously treated with specific fixative.


Our commitment to ecological sustainability

Decor always pays particular attention to the issues that concern the effect on the environment of production cycle. The company pursues a sustainability policy through targeted actions to manage the environmental balance and close the ecological cycle. For the production of rebuilt stone panels and single stones we are used the following measures:
Eco-friendly packaging: Every packaging material used by the Decor is 100% recyclable.
Production Waste: Decor employs the most accurate strategies for recovering, reclaiming and reusing waste and working water.
Energy Sustainability: Decor uses clean energy from a photovoltaic plant to power its own electric machines, suited to the internal handling of goods, in order to make production more ecological.
Healthy environment: Through a filtering system, air quality is improved in working environments, helping to avoid fumes and vapor pollutants in the atmosphere.
Research and innovation: Decor, through partnerships with universities and scientific institutes, tends to improve the quality of its products, making them immune to polluting factors for the environment and health.